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Mathematics Refresher

Instructor: Jiri Friml

Teaching Assistants: Kristof Huszar and Lenka Matejovicova


This lecture course aims to refresh the understanding of basic concepts of mathematics and their applications in order to give students an introduction to more advanced mathematical challenges waiting in other courses. It will be explained by a non-specialist in simple terms and an interactive way. It will focus on intuitive rather than formal understanding of basic concepts and will introduce terminology and give a bit of historical perspective. The course will encompass

In the final lecture, the practical applications of the covered concepts will be reviewed with an initial glimpse into differential equations. The content will not go beyond advanced high-school level and thus is meant mainly for those who have been successfully avoiding exposure to mathematics so far.

Schedule (subject to change)

Date Topic Location Time
Thursday, September 21, 2016 Lecture 1 Mondi 2, Central Building 15:00-17:00
Friday, September 22, 2016 Lecture 2 Big Seminar Room, Office Building West 14:30-16:30
Monday, September 25, 2016 Lecture 3 Big Seminar Room, Office Building West 13:00-15:00
Tuesday, September 26, 2016 Lecture 4 Mondi 3, Central Building 16:30-18:30
Thursday, September 28, 2016 Lecture 5 Mondi 3, Central Building 16:30-18:30
Monday, October 2, 2016 Lecture 6 Mondi 2, Central Building 13:00-15:00
Thursday, October 5, 2016 Lecture 7 Mondi 2, Central Building 13:00-15:00


Exercises and Homework Assignments

1. Mathematical Thinking; ArithmeticExercisesHomework
2. FunctionsExercisesHomework
3. DifferentiationExercisesHomework
4. IntegrationExercisesHomework
5. Linear AlgebraExercisesHomework
6. Statistics

 Additional Materials