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Molecules, Cells, and Models

Instructor: Peter Jonas

Teaching Assistant: Chong Chen

Administrative Assistant: Eva Kramberger (LBE, Monday-Thursday 7:30am-12:30pm)





The course is obligatory for students considering a PhD in any of the neuroscience groups. The course may be also interesting for cell biologists and computer scientists.



 3 ECTS credits

Final Grade

Homework, assignment/presentation, final exam





Schedule (subject to change)

Date Topic Location Other
February 27, 29 Membranes and membrane proteins Mondi 3 8:45–10:00
March 6, 8 Axons and excitable membranes Mondi 3 8:45–10:00
March 13, 15 Synapses and exocytosis Mondi 3 8:45–10:00
March 20, 22 Dendrites and dendritic integration Mondi 3 8:45–10:00
March 27, 29 Microcircuits and plasticity Mondi 3 8:45–10:00
April 3, 5 Modeling neurons and networks Mondi 3 8:45–10:00
April 24-28 Exam week Mondi 3  
Wednesdays Recitation Mondi 3 11:45–12:35


File Due Date
Lecture Week 1 n/a
Lecture Week 2 n/a
Lecture Week 3 n/a
Lecture Week 4 n/a

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