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Formal Methods

Instructor: Krish Chatterjee

Teaching Assistants: Andreas Pavlogiannis, Josef Tkadlec




Active participation in the lectures, homework, project presentation.

Homework is handed out on Monday and is due on next Monday.






Date Lecture notes Homework
Wed 03 May Lecture 1  
Mon 08 May Lecture 2 Homework
Wed 10 May Lecture 3  
Mon 15 May Lecture 4 Homework
Wed 17 May Lecture 5  
Mon 22 May Lecture 6 Homework
Wed 24 May Lecture 7  
Mon 29 May   Homework
Wed 31 May Guest lecture: Christian Hilbe  
Mon 05 Jun no lecture
Wed 07 Jun Guest lecture: Petr Novotny  
Mon 12 Jun    
Wed 14 Jun    
Mon 19 Jun Student presentations  
Wed 21 Jun Student presentations  

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