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Introduction to Matlab

Instructors: Jan Humplik, Thomas Sokolowski


Course description

This course is a basic introduction to programming and data manipulation with MATLAB, a widely used scientific computing environment that is both easy to learn and versatile. The first week of the course will be an introduction to general concepts of programming, such as variables, functions and control structures, and how they can be implemented in the MATLAB language. In the second part, we will focus on how to apply basic programming techniques to tackle problems commonly encountered in scientific research. The topics covered will include simulating complex mathematical models as well as techniques for manipulating, and visualizing data. The final selection of topics can be adapted to the students' interests.


There will be two problem sets which you must hand in in order to pass the course. There will be no exams.




Final Grade

Pass = hand in both problem sets and attend lectures.


Schedule (subject to change)

Date Topic Location Other
14.02 MATLAB environment, matrices and arrays, functions Mondi 2  
16.02. Conditional statements and loops Mondi 2  


File Note
PS1 Deadline 21.02.
problems from the first week  

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