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Introduction to Developmental Biology

Instructors: Anna Kicheva, Carl-Philipp Heisenberg, Eva Benková, Jiri Friml

Teaching Assistants: Martina Greunz, Karla Huljev


Credits: 6


Tuesdays, 10:15-11:30 (Mondi 2) 

Thursday, 11:20-12:35 (Mondi 3)


Introduction and start of the experiments: 10:15 - 12:35 in Eva's, CP's or Ani's lab;

Final presentations:

A list of papers will be provided on the course website. Each student will choose one paper from the list and present it at the end of the course. Presentation + discussion should be approximately 25 min per paper.

Schedule (subject to change)

Tue 11 Part 1 CP
Thu 13 Part 1 Ani
Tue 18 Part 1 Jiri
Thu 20 Part 1 Eva
Tue 25 Practicum (plants)
Thu 27 recitation
Thu 3 Part 2 Eva
Tue 8 Part 2 Jiri
Thu 10 Part 2 Ani
Tue 15 Part 2 CP
Thu 17 recitation
Tue 22 Practicum (fish)
Thu 24 Part 3 Jiri
Tue 29 Part 3 Jiri
Thu 1 Part 3 CP
Tue 6 Part 3 Ani
Tue 13 Practicum (mouse)
Thu 15 recitation
Tue 20 Part 4 Eva
Thu 22 Part 4 Eva
Tue 10 Part 4 CP
Thu 12 Part 4 Ani
Tue 17 Discussion
Thu 19 presentations
Tue 24 presentations
Thu 26 presentations

Material covered in the course and further reading

October 11, 2016 CP

Early oocyte polarization events in zebrafish

Patterning of the early zebrafish embryo

Forces driving early zebrafish morphogenetic events 


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October 13, 2016  Ani

Mouse gastrulation

Early gut formation in mouse

Neural lineage

Neural crest



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November 10, 2016 Ani

Reaction-diffusion systems

Positional information

Morphogen gradient formation at the cellular and tissue level


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November 15, 2016 CP

 Gradients in morphogenesis 

I. Biochemical gradients in morphogenesis 

Somite formation and segmentation in vertebrates

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II. Mechanical gradients in morphogenesis 

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December 6, 2016 Ani

Models of tissue morphogenesis

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Jan. 12, 2017 Ani

Regulation of organ growth in Drosophila and mammals

Intrinsic vs extrinsic growth control in Drosophila


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Papers for final presentations