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Topological Methods in Discrete Mathematics and Computer Science

Instructor: Rado Fulek and Uli Wagner

Teaching Assistant: Sergey Avvakumov

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Starting with Lovász' solution of Kneser's conjecture in 1978, a number of problems in discrete mathematics and theoretical computer science have been solved using methods from algebraic and geometric topology. The aim of this course is to explain some of these results and methods to a broad audience; the precise choice of topics will depend on the audience's background.

Sample topics incude:


Weekly homework and final exam




File Due Date
Homework 1 October 18, 2016
Homework 2 October 25, 2016
Homework 3 November 8, 2016
Homework 4 November 22, 2016

Additional downloads

J. Matousek "Using the Borsuk-Ulam Theorem"

Octahedral Tucker Lemma

Brouwer Fixed-Point Theorem Lecture Notes (27.10)

Matchings in Hypergraphs Lecture Notes (3.11 & 8.11)

Very nice triangulations

Ryser's conjecture r=3

Evasiveness of Graphs

Evasiveness of Graphs Lecture Notes (10.11 & 15.11)

Z_2-maps and Embeddability Slides (17.11 & 22.11)