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Mathematics track core course

Instructors: Jan Maas, Uli Wagner



The course provides a glimpse into selected topics of current mathematical research interest. The aim is to familiarize participants with basic notions, problems, and results outside their own research area. The course format emphasizes interaction between students and active engagement. 

Course Format

To start with, you will be asked to group up in teams of two and choose one of the preselected topics. 

The task and project of each team is to prepare four lectures and two recitations (two lectures and one recitation per team member) on your topic (this will cover two weeks of the course). The goal is to explain and teach the main ideas of a topic to the other students as clearly as possible. This involves

– getting an overview of the topic, possibly including finding additional references;

– selecting which aspects and parts of the material to present in the lectures (there will not be enough time to cover everything); this may include finding good examples or focusing on illustrative special cases that convey the main ideas and difficulties of a problem or result;

– carefully preparing a well-structured and detailed plan for the lectures (detailed notes, plus possibly some handouts, for blackboard talks, or slides for a slide talk, or a mixture of the two)

– choosing or designing exercises for the other students to solve, and co-moderating the discussions during the recitation.




Final Grade

Your grade will be based on

- your presentation (50%)
- homework (30%)
- active participation in class (20%)


Schedule (subject to change)

Date Topic Lecturers  
March 15 & 17 Discrete Kakeya I Georg and Peter  
March 22 & 24 Discrete Kakeya II Georg and Peter  
April 5 & 7 Kadison-Singer I Kristóf and Dominik S.  
April 12 & 14 Kadison-Singer II Kristóf and Dominik S.  
April 19 & 21 Schramm-Loewner I Sergey and Dominik F.  
April 26 & 28 Schramm-Loewner II Sergey and Dominik F.  


File Due Date

Additional Downloads

More information can be found in the handout.

Additional material