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Linear Algebra Fall 2015

Mondi 2, Mon 14:00 - 15:15 & Wed 14:00 - 16:20

Instructor: Alexandr Kazda


Instructor's office: I01.O3.070


An introductory course to linear algebra. Covers basic notions: vectors and matrices, systems of linear equations, matrix operations, linear spaces, scalar product, eigenvalues and diagonalization. We will also look at applications of linear algebra (linear models, least squares method) and show how to solve linear algebraic problems on a computer (using Octave).

The main goal is to get the students to speak the language of linear algebra and gain insight into how various algebraic methods work.



Final Grade


Lecture notes (as of December 9)


Item Due Date File
HW 1 December 2 HW1
HW 2 December 9 HW2
HW 3 December 16 HW3
HW 4 January 13 HW4
HW 5 January 20 HW5
EXTRA CREDIT HW (least squares) January 20

Octave resources