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Instructor: Nick Barton, Laszlo Erdös

Teaching Assistant: Harald Ringbauer





The concept of probability is fundamental to many scientific disciplines; understanding probability is important for modelling and data analysis, as well as for its intrinsic mathematical interest. This course teaches the basic principles by using a variety of examples, from computer science through to biology:

I. Basic Probability: history, definitions, applications
II. Discrete and Continuous Probability: random variables, distributions, statistics.
III. Stochastic Processes: random walks, Brownian motion, diffusion.
IV. Threshold Phenomena: branching, random graphs.











Schedule (subject to change)

Date Topic  
Nov 23 History NB
Nov 25 Counting LE
Nov 30 Induction LE
Dec 2 Counting & Probability LE
Dec 7 Conditional probability LE
Dec 9 Random Variables I NB
Dec 14 Random Variables II NB
Dec 16 ** Statistics Symposium  
Jan 11 Random walk NB
Jan 13 Branching processes NB
Jan 18 Diffusion LE
Jan 20 Brownian motion LE
Jan 25 Statistical physics LE
Jan 27 Exam  


Problem Sheet 1 (due on December 14th)

Problem Sheet 2 (due on January 13th)

Problem Sheet 3 (due on January 25th)

Additional Downloads

The course roughly follows the schedule of last year. Accompanying material including expanded lecture notes can be found here. Most of the topics from this year are covered in these notes.

Course 1: 

Random Walk (11.1.)

Branching Processes (13.1.; updated to 2014 version!)