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Modern Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics I

Instructor: Mikhail Lemeshko

Teaching Assistant: Laleh Safari




In this course, we will survey recent theoretical and experimental developments in the field of Atomic, Molecular, and Optical (AMO) physics. The covered topics include (but are not limited to) manipulation of atoms, molecules, and interactions between them with electromagnetic fields; laser-cooling, trapping, and deceleration of atoms and molecules; Bose-Einstein condensation and other phenomena in ultracold quantum gases. After introducing the fundamentals, we will discuss the emergent applications to quantum simulation, precision measurements, and chemical physics.

The main concepts of quantum mechanics, quantum optics, and spectroscopy will be presented at a depth depending on the needs of the students.

This course is split into two parts. Students can choose to attend only part I (first term spring) or parts I & II (full semester spring). Part I is a prerequisite for part II. Please register for part I and part II separately. 


Knowledge of quantum mechanics at the undergraduate level will certainly help.




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