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Introduction to Matlab

Instructor: Tobias Bollenbach, Veronika Bierbaum

Teaching Assistant:




Most of the work will be done during classes, some homework will be required as well.

Bring a laptop with either: a standalone version of matlab installed, or a computer able to connect to IST scicomp servers. As a backup, you can install a standalone version of octave


Credits 1 ECTS


Final Grade: Pass/fail





Date Topic Location Other
Monday, 15.2 Getting started: Basic commands and plotting Mondi 2 Course tutorial
Wednesday, 17.2 Data manipulation Mondi 2  
Friday, 19.2 Programming & scripts Mondi 2  
Monday, 22.2 Image manipulation Mondi 2  
Wednesday, 24.2 Figures Mondi 2  
Friday, 26.2 Problem solving session Mondi 2  


File Due Date
Exercise 1, p. 10 of the course tutorial; Exercise 1-8 ( where 1-7 are math problems, and 8 is a plotting exercise ) in  
Assignment 1 of the MIT Matlab course Course exercise on monday, February 15
HOMEWORK Problem set 1, p. 15. of the course tutorial Download myFirstDataSet.mat and Download createDataSet.mat Homework due friday, February 19

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