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Basic Light and Electron Microscopy

Instructors: Ekaterina Papusheva, Anna Hapek, Doreen Milius, Nasser Darwish, Gabriel Krens, Robert Hauschild, Walter Kaufmann, Ludek Lovicar






The course will give an introduction to contemporary microscopy techniques, with a focus on the methods that are available at IST Austria. Lectures will cover microscopy-related principles of optic, principles of fluorescence, anatomy of the microscope, methods of optical sectioning, image of acquisition methods, principles and sample preparation for electron microscopy and the basis of data analysis.

Hands-on sessions will introduce students to Widefield, TIRF, Confocal, Multiphoton and Spinning disc microscopy, as well as provide an overview of techniques available in electron microscopy facility of IST Austria. Three hands-on sessions will be dedicated to image analysis methods


 Target audience: Graduate school students of IST Austria, as well as other employees with practical interest in light and electron microscopy


Format: one-week blocked course, 3-7 October 2016




Prerequisites: Since this is a practical course, practical interest in microscopy, with objective of using it in lab rotations and/or research work, is advisable

Exam: freetext essay














Monday, October 3: lectures (Mondi 2)

9:00-10-30: Basics of optics

10:45-12:15: Basics of fluorescence

13-30-15:00: Anatomy of a widefield microscope

15:15-16:00: Light detectors in microscopy


Tuesday, October 4: lectures (Mondi2)

9:00-10:30: Optical sectioning microscopy

10:45-12:00: Basics of superresolution microscopy

13:15-14:15: Introduction to electron microscopy, Ludek

14:30-15:30: Sample preparation for electron microscopy


Wednesday 5.10 and Thursday 6.10: hands-on for  4  groups/16 participants  total

Widefield, TIRF, spinning disc, confcal, multiphoton microscopy ,  electron microscopy facility tour


Friday, October 7 (computer training room)

9:00-10:30 Lecture ‘Understanding digital image’

10:45-16:30: hands-on image analysis


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1.       1 Concepts of Optics

2.       2 Basics of fluorescence

3.      3  Anatomy of a widefield microscope

4.      4  Properties of light detectors

5.       5 Optical Sectioning Microscopy

6.       6 Superresolution Microscopy

7.      7 Introduction to Electron Microscopy


8.     8  Sample Preparation