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Basic Microscopy

Instructors: Ekaterina Papusheva, Robert Hauschild, Walter Kaufmann, Ludek Lovicar, Doreen Milius, Nasser Darwish-Miranda, Anna Hapek



The course will give an introduction to contemporary microscopy techniques, with a focus on the methods that are available at IST Austria. Lectures will cover microscopy-related principles of optic, principles of fluorescence, anatomy of the microscope, methods of optical sectioning, image of acquisition methods, and the basis of data analysis.

Hands-on sessions will introduce students to Widefield, TIRF, Confocal, Multiphoton and Spinning disc microscopy. Two hands-on sessions will be dedicated to image analysis methods


Blocked course, September 28th - 2nd of October 2015



Since this is a practical course, practical interest in microscopy, with objective of using it in lab rotations and/or research work, is advisable




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