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Systems Neuroscience

Instructor: Jozsef Csicsvari

Teaching Assistant: Damaris Rangel



Systems Neuroscience course will examine how neuronal systems encode and process sensory information leading to sensory perception, decision making and behavioural responses. It will also discuss brain systems involved in some fundamental brain functions such as sleep-waking cycle regulation and memory formation. In all these topics a special emphasis will be made on the functional dissection of brain circuit: how neuronal circuits embedded in complex systems operate to generate function.



Start date: May 3rd

End date: June 23rd

Lectures: Tue/Thu, 10:15-11:30am

Recitations: Tue, 11:45am-12:35pm


Venue: Mondi 3


A class requirement will be to either present one paper or to write a page preview/summary (1-2 page long). You can choose any paper fitting into the class topics, and prepare it for the corresponding class date. Inform to the TA (Dama) in advance so as to schedule accordingly.

Also, during the course, selected papers will be indicated for reading ahead. 



 ECTS credits: 3

Final Grade

The evaluation will consist on an Essay delivered at the end of the course (1st of July).

Possible topics:

1. Role of gamma oscillations in sensory processing

2. Noise in the brain

3. Memory reconsolidation

4. Neuronal systems of decision making

Requirement: select one of these topics – volume 5-8 pages plus min cited 10 references in the text.



Schedule (subject to change)

Date Topic Speaker Slides (subject to modification before the class)
3th-May Introduction to neuronal circuits Jozsef Csicsvari Class1
5th-May public holiday    
10th-May Visual Neuroscience I Jozsef Csicsvari Class2
12th-May Visual Neuroscience II Jozsef Csicsvari Class3
17st-May Sensory Systems beyond Vision I (auditory and somatosensory) Jozsef Csicsvari Class4
19th-May Sensory Systems beyond Vision II Federico Stella  
24th-May Learning and Memory I Jozsef Csicsvari Class6
26th-May public holiday    
31st-May Learning and Memory II Jozsef Csicsvari Class7
2nd-June Oscillations in the Brain and their function I Jozsef Csicsvari Class8
7th-June Oscillations in the Brain and their function II Jozsef Csicsvari Class9
9th-June Olfactory system Charlotte Boccara Class10
14th-June General principles of information coding in the brain Cristina Savin  
16th-June Computational models of neuronal systems Federico Stella  


File link Due Date
Logothetis logothetis.pdf 12 May 2016
Maunsel maunsel.pdf 12 May 2016
Newsome2 newsome2.pdf 12 May 2016
Trujilio.pdf trujilio.pdf 12 May 2016
Vinje Vinje.pdf 12 May 2016
Kilgard Kilgard.pdf 17 May 2016
konishi-sciece konishi-sciece.pdf 17 May 2016
merzenicsom merzenicsom.pdf 17 May 2016
schereiner schereiner.pdf 17 May 2016
zador zador.pdf 17 May 2016
Neuron_2012_Bathellier_B Neuron_2012_Bathellier_B.pdf 19th-May-2016
OConnor_et_al-2013-Nature OConnor_et_al-2013-Nature.pdf 19th-May-2016
Musall_et_al-2014-Nature_neuroscience Musall_et_al-2014-Nature_neuroscience.pdf 19th-May-2016
Issa_et_al-2014-Neuron Issa_et_al-2014-Neuron.pdf 19th-May-2016
daymorris daymorris.pdf 31 May 2016
Kentros Kentros.pdf 31 May 2016
Ramirez-Tonegawa Ramirez-Tonegawa.pdf 31 May 2016
Rasch-Born Rasch-Born.pdf 31 May 2016
fries fries.pdf 07 Jun 2016
paulsen paulsen.pdf 07 Jun 2016
siapas siapas.pdf 07 Jun 2016
tononi tononi.pdf 07 Jun 2016

Additional Papers

Classes link
Visual Neuroscience shadeln.pdf
Visual Neuroscience OlshausenField1997.pdf
Visual Neuroscience Olshausen.pdf
Visual Neuroscience meister.pdf
Visual Neuroscience dragoi-sur.pdf
Sensory Systems beyond Vision knudsen.pdf
Sensory Systems beyond Vision lang.pdf
Sensory Systems beyond Vision merzenich-aud.pdf
Sensory Systems beyond Vision schreinernn..pdf
Sensory Systems beyond Vision zadordes.pdf
Learning and Memory Dupret_compressed.pdf
Learning and Memory GarnerMayf.pdf
Learning and Memory Marshal-Born.pdf
Learning and Memory Nakashiba-toengawa.pdf
Learning and Memory Zugaro.pdf
Oscillations in the Brain and their function csicsneuron3.pdf
Oscillations in the Brain and their function desdimone.pdf
Oscillations in the Brain and their function fries1.pdf
Oscillations in the Brain and their function laurent.pdf

Additional downloads

Presentation May 2nd _ part 1

Presentation May 2nd_ part 2