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Instructor: Nick Barton, John Bollback, Andrea Betancourt et al.

Venue: University of Vienna, Oskar-Morgenstern-Platz 1, 1090 Vienna (Seminar room biomathematics, Floor 9)



Advanced topics in molecular population genetics. The course will consist of 3 introductory lectures, followed by coverage of advanced topics in molecular population genetics. Each advanced topic will span ~3 weeks, and be covered by a different instructor from the Vienna area, who will briefly introduce the topic and assign papers for discussion. Students will be expected to participate in the discussion, and to write short essays on the reading.

The advanced topics covered in the past have included:




Requirements/Exams: Evaluation of essays and course participation

Pre-requisites: An introductory course in evolutionary genetics. May be any of:



Alternatively, please contact one of the instructors for a list of material that can be worked through PRIOR to the start of the course. Please note that working through this material will likely take some time, so ask for it as soon as possible.



Credits 6ECTS


Final Grade


Schedule (subject to change)

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