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Instructors: Caroline Uhler and Chris Wojtan

Teaching Assistant: David Hahn and Lenka Matejovicova



This course will focus on the concept of modelling, essential throughout science. We will first introduce the concept of modeling, emphasizing key issues such as distinguishing between good and bad models, how to develop one's own model, the benefits of simplicity vs complexity, assumptions and their consequences, and why modeling should be done at all. The course will focus on case studies from biology, physics, neuroscience, mathematics, computer science, and will encourage students to work together to find solutions. Recitations will be used to introduce scientific or mathematical background material.


Participation in lectures and recitations, weekly homework (40% of final grade), class project (40% of final grade) and an exam at the end of the semester (20% of final grade)




Final Grade

Weekly homework (40% of final grade), class project (40% of final grade) and final exam (20% of final grade)


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