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Instructor: Vladimir Kolmogorov and Krzysztof Pietrzak

Teaching Assistant: Michal Rolinek




This course covers techniques for the design and analysis of algorithms, with a special emphasis on methods useful in bioinformatics. The topics covered include: basic data structures; algorithms on graphs, trees and strings; techniques like dynamic programming, divide-and-conquer and amortized analysis.

Homeworks and the final exam will contribute equally to the final grade (50%/50%)




Final Grade


Schedule (subject to change)

Date Topic Notes
Tue 7 Oct Divide and conquer notes slides
Thu 9 Oct Prune-and-search notes slides
Tue 14 Oct Dynamic programming notes
Thu 16 Oct Greedy algorithms notes
Tue 21 Oct Binary Search Trees notes
Thu 23 Oct Amortized Analysis notes
Tue 28 Oct Heaps, Heapsort notes
Thu 30 Oct Shortest paths graphs notes
Tue 4 Nov Minimum spanning trees notes Union-Find (optional reading)
Thu 6 Nov Knuth-Morris-Pratt algorithm notes
Tue 11 Nov Data structures for strings  
Thu 13 Nov Approximation Algorithms notes


File Due Date
HW1 14 Oct
HW2 21 Oct
HW3 28 Oct
HW4 4 Nov
HW5 13 Nov

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